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Debate: Comments

Further comments on university-private sector partnerships


The Japan Times article ( well captures the current situation of university-industry partnerships in Japan. In order to strengthen national competitiveness, I agree it is necessary to smoothly transfer research achievements to the private sector from universities. Readers may find additional information from my reports posted in the Japan Technology Review section of the Global Communications Platform.

It is true some people still believe university scientists should keep their distance from profit-oriented business sectors. It is also true that many professors think it is impossible to establish 1,000 venture businesses based on university research achievements in three years.

However, I believe it is important at this moment not to criticize academic research-oriented professors but to encourage changes in the university system to the direction of easing partnership establishment between universities and industry. I second the Keidanren official’s message: We want to realize a situation in which researchers who are willing to work with companies can do what they want.

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