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Debate: Comment

Comment on Tanaka and Koizumi

Atsuo MIHARA (Representative, Office Mihara)

First of all, I fully agree with Mr. Taniguchi's opinion that Makiko Tanaka should have been fired much earlier. Actually, she should not have been appointed as the Foreign Minister in the first place, since she has no talent or experience in foreign affairs, where strategic as well as historical perspectives are indispensable, and she does not possess either of them. Even in reforming the Foreign Ministry, unlike popular perceptions, I believe that Tanaka failed to act effectively. She should have worked with proper outside authorities to deal with illegal activities within the ministry.

In any case we should blame not only Makiko Tanaka but also Junichiro Koizumi who appointed her as the Foreign Minister, knowing that she was not up to the job. But this time Koizumi may have made a right decision in choosing Yoriko Kawaguchi as the new Foreign Minister, since Kawaguchi has enough experience in both government and business activities, and her initial handling of the Foreign Ministry affairs seems appropriate. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Koizumi will be able to exercise his leadership to support Kawaguchi in reforming this monstrous ministry.

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