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Debate: Comment (September 30, 2003)

Comment on Prof. Kubo's Article about "Neo-cons"

Steve McCarty (Professor, Kagawa Junior College)

The article "Long-term Trends and Short-term Fluctuations in American Politics" by Prof. Fumiaki Kubo of Todai was very informative. The emphasis of the article was on the rise of conservative Republicans. Yet to someone hearing about the neo-cons here in Japan, the article did not explain what the neo-cons actually are, to what extent they are Jewish or connected to Israel, and if so, can such strange bedfellows with the other conservatives continue as a coalition. Witness fundamentalist Catholic Mel Gibson's new movie about Jesus, which seems aimed at driving a wedge between Christians and Jews. Indeed, the trend to fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam as well as in politics is a surprising trend.

It is so true that "[i]n January 2001, many Japanese clearly underestimated the extent of the break the new Administration would cause with the previous Administration." Clinton seemed to snub Japan, to the extent of even passing nuclear technology to such a WMD proliferator as China. NHK provided hi-vision TV to the Republican Convention to help elect Bush in a close race. But since their man won, many Japanese must have second thoughts about where the U.S. administration is pushing them. The break on this side is with the post-War pacifist ideology that has served Japan so well. The neo-cons would no doubt say that North Korea justifies shaking Japan out of its complacent 'heiwa boke,' but again I would like to ask Prof. Kubo if possible, just who are the neo-cons?

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