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Special Review #8: August 25, 2003

Japan Media Review Update: August 25, 2003

JMR Staff (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California)

"Gossip Becomes News on Popular Anonymous Discussion Board"
Channel 2 -- Japan's most popular Web site -- gives people an anonymous way to vent their feelings. It also gives them a way to report news the media won't touch: Posters have repeatedly broken stories that were later followed by the mainstream press.
By Hideki Furukawa.

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Japan leads the world in adopting Internet TV
2003-08-19 21:58:32
Japan leads in extensive adoption of experimental technology -- Internet Protocol (IP) TV, reports Australian IT. Softbank International and Yahoo operate Bbcable TV in Japan offering IPTV services such as American news and movies. A recent entrant to the market is middleware supplier, PlatC2, offering Opera Software. Other countries where extensive rollouts of IPTV are soon expected are South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Strategy Analytics estimates that some 111,000 homes worldwide will receive IPTV services this year, and more than 20 million homes will join by 2008. IPTV delivers TV content and video-on-demand (VOD) via broadband Internet to a home television.
- Keiko Mori, Japan Media Review Staff Writer

Jiji releases financial news from Reuters in Japanese
2003-08-12 23:46:57
Two news agencies, one British and the other Japanese form a strategic alliance to provide Japanese financial news, reports Yahoo Singapore. Jiji Press and Reuters Group Plc will provide streaming news and data services, domestic and International financial news, historical data and analytical tools. The two organizations have previously collaborated on J-Port, a joint service in Japanese supplying Jiji's economic-related news with Reuters' global economic information and data.
- Keiko Mori, Japan Media Review Staff Writer

Japan: New online storage service announced
2003-08-07 08:12:10
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. announces a new online storage system to be launched on August 20, 2003, reports Business Wire. The new system has a user-friendly GUI, allows uploads from remote locations and permits e-mail transfer of new and old media formats. It also offers custom domain names and encryption options for greater security. The service could be useful for any number of professionals requiring to share and store information and data from dispersed locations. IIJ charges an initial fee of $336.31 and a monthly fee of about $168.
- Anamika Wani, Managing Editor

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