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Tech Report #22: April 15, 2003

Conference: 2nd Fulrath Memorial International Symposium on Advanced Ceramics, Tokyo, 9 April 2003

Nan Chen (Analyst, ATIP)

The 1st Fulrath International Symposium was held in Japan 10 years ago. Symposium speakers were and are restricted to winners of the American Ceramic Society's Richard M. Fulrath Award. This award recognizes outstanding academic and industrial ceramic scientists and engineers who are no more than 45 years when the award is presented. Based on Dr. Fulrath's outstanding career and his international efforts, the award has since its inception in 1978 symbolized a "Bridge Across the Pacific." Each year, one awardee is selected from Japan and one from the United States. Each delivers plenary lectures, in Japan and the United States, and each is asked "to honorably promote technical and personal friendships between all Japanese and American professional ceramic engineers/scientists and encourage understanding between the diverse cultures surrounding the Pacific Rim." At this year's symposium, 14 Japanese and four Americans spoke (Prof. Richard Bradt of the University of Alabama, Prof. Thomas Mason of Northwestern University, Prof. Andreas Glaeser of the University of California at Berkeley, and Dr. Mrityunjay (Jay) Singh of NASA). Topics included electronic ceramics, multilayer capacitors, processing and properties of composites, fundamentals of mechanical properties, surface and interfacial studies, and eco-ceramics. Subjects of focus were fundamental science, modeling, energy efficiency and savings, and environmental stewardship.

Symposium webpage:

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