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Past Seminars (January 2008 -)
[Platform Seminar 2008]
IUJ Platform/Temple University Joint Symposia in November: 11/6(Th) at Temple University Japan Campus, 18(Tu) at GLOCOM Hall
  Day 1: 11/6 (Th):  "The Outcome of the US Elections" in English
Alex Brideau (Alex Brideau of Eurasia Group)
John Mock (Professor, University of Tsukuba)
John Mirikitani (Temple University, Japan Campus)
Robert Dujarric (Temple University Japan)
  Day 2: 11/18 (Tu)  "New US President and Next Leader in Japanese Politics" in Japanese
Kazuhiko Togo (Professor, Temple University Japan)
Jun Okumura (Counselor, Eurasia Group)
Stephen Givens (Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)
Takahiro Miyao (Professor, International University of Japan)
[Insight Ireland - Lecture Series 2008: Lecture 2] Jointly Presented by Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce, Temple University Japan, JIC Study Group, and International University of Japan (IUJ) - Global Communication Platform:
November 13(Th) 7:00-9:30pm @ Temple University Japan Campus
  Lecture 2:  "The Northern Ireland Peace Process" in English
Dr. Gerard Keown (Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Ireland in Tokyo)
Discussant: Robert Dujarric (Director of ICJS at Temple University Japan)
[Global Communications Platform]: October Meeting
General Title: "Japan and Canada in a broader context of the Pacific Rim and North America as well as in a well-focused context of Japan-Quebec relations (Japan and Canada with reference to NAFTA on one hand and Quebec on the other).":
October 21 (Tue) 4-6pm
  Part I:  "Economic Relations between Japan and Canada with Reference to NAFT and Quebec" in English
Mr. Daniel Dignard (Director of Economic Services, Delegation Office of Quebec Government, Tokyo)
  Part II:  "Aims and Activities of the Japan Association for Quebec Studies" in Japanese
Prof. Yoshikazu Obata (Meiji University)
[Insight Ireland - Lecture Series 2008: Celtic Tiger economy] Jointly Presented by Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce, Temple University Japan, JIC Study Group, and International University of Japan (IUJ) - Global Communication Platform:
Thursday, October 16th 7:00pm - 9:30pm @ Temple University Japan Campus
  Lecture 1:  "The Celtic Tiger economy and her potential insights for Japan/China" in English
Dr. Rene Duignan (Central Bank of Italy, Aoyama Gakuin University, Sophia University, Health Policy Institute Japan, Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce, JIC Study Group)
Discussant: Mr. Takeshi Tsukii (President, CT Brand, and Board Member, Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce)
[Global Communications Platform]: September Meeting
General Title: "The Global South Alliance":
Sept 16 (Tu) 4-6pm
  Part I:  "The Global South Alliance and Its Implications on Japan" in English
Mr. Augusto Pestana (Head of the Political Section, Embassy of Brazil)
  Part II:  "Japan's Resource Development in Emerging Economies" in Japanese
Mr. Shoichi Ikuta (Corporate Advisor, Marubeni Co.)
[Global Communications Platform]: July Meeting
General Title: "National brands and images":
June 22 (Tu) 4-6pm
  Part I:  "Japanese and Chinese nation branding: Key issues and contrasting strategies" in English
Dr. Keith Dinnie (Associate Professor, Temple University, Japan)
  Part II:  "Overseas Images of Japan and Japanese Business" in Japanese
Mr. Tetsuo Saito (Director, Planning and Research Department, Japan Overseas Enterprises Association)
[Global Communications Platform]: June Meeting
General Title: "The next US administration and implications for Japan":
June 12 (Th) 4-6pm
  Part I:  "The Next US Administration: Implications for US-Japan Relations" in English
Mr. Weston Konishi (Council on Foreign Relations/Hitachi International Affairs Fellow in Japan)
  Part II:  "Regime Change in America: What to Expect, What to Do" in Japanese
Mr. Jun Okumura (Eurasia Group)
Canceled:May Meeting: TUJ-GLOCOM PLATFORM BOOK EVENT: May 20(T) 7-9pm at Temple University Japan, Azabu Hall Rm 212
  "China, Japan, and America: A Dangerous Confusion" about the publication of his latest book, "Asia, America, and The Transformation of Geopolitics" (Rand, 2008); in English
 by William H. Overholt (Director, RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy)
IUJ Global Communications Platform-Temple University Joint Seminar: April Meeting: 4/24(Th),25(F) at GLOCOM Hall
  Day 1: 4/24 (Th):  "China As an Opportunity and Challenge to the U.S. and Japan" in English
Rene Duignan (Central Bank of Italy)
Robert Dujarric (Temple University Japan)
  Day 2: 4/25 (F)  "'The China Problem' in the Olympic Year" in Japanese
Sam Jameson (Freelance Journalist)
Toshihiko Kinoshita (Professor, Waseda University)
Seiichiro Takagi (Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)
Takahiro Miyao (Head, Global Communications Platform)
IUJ-Platform Joint Seminar, February Meeting
General Title: "New Branding Policies in the Wireless Industry":
February 28 (Th) 4:30-6:15pm
  Part I:  "Branding as a Bridge between Wireless Industry & Retail Industry" in English
Ludovico Ciferri (IUJ), Marco Koeder (Cybermedia), Philip Sugai (IUJ)
  Part II:  "Development of Technology, Business and Design of Keitai" in Japanese
Hitomi Murakami (Seikei University, KDDI)
Global Communications Platform Joint Seminar with Temple University Japan Campus: January Meeting: 1/16(W),17(Th) at GLOCOM Hall
  Day 1: 1/16 (W):  "Japan's Domestic Politics and Asia Policy" in Japanese
Yoshisuke Iinuma (Oriental Economist)
Kuniko Suzuki (Okazaki Institute)
Andrew Horvat (Tokyo Keizai University)
Takahiro Miyao (Global Communications Platform)
  Day 2: 1/17 (Th)  "US Presidential Elections and Implications on Asia Policy" in English
Scott Bates (Center for National Policy, Washington DC)
Weston Konishi (Institute for International Policy Studies)
Robert Dujarric (Temple University Japan)
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